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Unexplained Earth Phenomenon: The Pink Lake Hillier, Western Australia

Lake hillier is one of those amazing earth phenomena that will blow you mind! Its water isn't blue or green but PINK! Yes, the pink...

Unexplained Earth Phenomenon: The Moving Rocks in Death Valley National Park,...

No joke! Up to 350 kg heavy rock blocks slide in a dry lake in the west of Death Valley National Park in the...
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Strange Experimental Music Sounds: Diego Stocco

Do you know the -US-Italian artist Diego Stocco? You should! And discover his amazing soundscapes just below! Diego Stocco is a California-based experimental sound designer, composer...

Bernie Krause – Recording sounds of Nature

Bernie Krause - A Sound Ecologist Bernie Krause is a soundscape ecologist. He tracks and records any sounds emitted by wild animals and ecosytems...

First Etruscan pyramids located in Orvieto, central Italy

19th September 2012 - Orvieto, Italy. The world's first Etruscan pyramids have been discovered by a team of US and Italian archeologists under a...