Friday, December 9, 2016

UFO destroying chemtrail? What the heck is that?

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This strange video of a 'UFO' destroying a chemtrail was captured on Sept 28th near Paris. Yes, what is this weird bright light that dissipates the huge chemtrail? Here is the...

What’s up with Earth? Mysterious anomaly interrupts stratospheric wind pattern

What would cause a wind pattern that held for at least 60 years to suddenly change? Scientists are baffled and try to solve and understand this new atmospheric enigma. For the...

Mysterious Paulding lights spotted in Michigan forest

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Mysterious lights have recently been spotted in Michigan forest. Thrill seekers but also scientists continue to trek into the Michigan woods to see the unexplained Paulding Light. The Paulding Light has...

Russian Arctic river mysteriously turns blood-red

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A river outside Russia’s Arctic city of Norilsk has inexplicably turned blood-red, puzzling locals and prompting authorities to launch an investigation into the cause of the anomaly. The Daldykan River...

Did aliens just try to contact us? Mysterious signal comes from distant constellation that just may have intelligent life

star HD 164595, mysterious signal star HD 164595, mysterious space signal september 2016, mysterious space signal august 2016video
Did aliens just try to contact us? An unexplained blip picked up by a Russian telescope last year could be a message from a distant civilization, sent nearly a century...

Giant human footprint fossilized in a rock discovered in China

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On August 24, 2016 a giant human footprint was discovered fossilized in a rock in Pingyan village in China’s southwestern province of Guizhou. One of the huge footprints discovered is...

Alien megastructure mystery deepens for Tabby’s Star (KIC 8462852)

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In 2011 and 2013 the light shining from a distant star dropped by an unprecedented 20 percent. Some say the star’s brightness has been gradually dimming over the last century....

What is this mysterious purple orb discovered floating over the ocean floor off the coast of California?

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What is this mysterious purple orb discovered floating over the ocean floor off the coast of California? A new species discovered? This unidentified bright purple orb stumped scientists onboard of...

The newest ‘global apocalypse’ date is this Friday, July 29 2016 – Ready?

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If you keep predicting something — maybe you’ll get it right someday... But hopefully not tomorrow! End Times Prophecies has declared the world will end on July 29 in a...

Mysterious gateway to afterlife found under Maya pyramid in Palenque

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Mexican archeologists have discovered a mysterious canal system under the pyramid containing the tomb of a Mayan ruler in Palenque. Is it the symbolic gateway to afterlife? The hydraulic system was...

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