Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mysterious chunks of ice fall from sky onto Colton house – Megacryometeor?

colton megacryometeor
She thought a tree fell on her house in Colton, California. But when she went outside, she found about 10 large chunks of ice that apparently fell from the clear blue...

Hundreds of crows fall dead from the sky in Springfield, Michigan

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Mystery as several hundred crows are discovered dead along a section of railroad tracks in Springfield, Michigan on March 15, 2016. Residents counted around 300 dead birds stretching over at...

6 major fireball events in March 2016 and nobody knows why

increased fireball activity march 2016, fireball activity increases in march 2016, massive increase in fireball activity march 2016, fireball events increase us, us fireball events increase march 2016, 6 major fireball events March 2016, While March is known for being quiet, 6 major meteor events have lit up the US sky. And nobody knows why. So What is going on wih all these meteor showers?, Rate of meteor fireballs over US so far in 2016 is DOUBLE that of 2015video
March is usually a slow month for meteor showers. But the American Meteor Society has reported six major fireball events since March 1. Nasa also predicts an increase in fireballs by as...

New mystery island forms in Pinto Lake, California after brutal storm

new island pinto lake, mysterious new island pinto lake, new island pinto lake mystery, strange new island pinto lake appears, new island appears on pinto lake, new island forms in pinto lakevideo
There is a new 200-foot long mystery island in the middle of Pinto Lake, California since March 10, 2016. This mysterious piece of wetland broke off during extreme storms and then floated across...

Strange noise and bright flash in the sky in Minnesota – Military test?

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This strange noise and the mysterious bright flash happened on September 25th, 2011 at a small lake West of Alexandria, MN. The constant hum/rumble lasted for around 4 minutes. The...

Giant underwater craters discovery solves mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

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Giant underwater craters resulting from gas explosion may be responsible for the disappearance of planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle. Scientists may have come up with an explanation for one...

Hundred thousands of dead sea slugs wash up on beaches in Kamala, Thailand

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Hundred thousands of various sea slugs are washing up dead along beaches of Kamala, Thailand since March 7, 2016. The still unexplained mass die-off is now being investigated. Villagers of Kamala, Kathu,...

Mysterious landing strip in Area 6 Nevada National Security Site of Yucca Flat

area 6, area 6 mystery, mysterious landing strip area 6, landing strip area 6, what is this landing strip for in area 6, mystery behind landing strip area 6 nevadavideo
What is this mysterious, mile-long landing strip in Area 6 of the Yucca Flat test site? This asphalt strip, just 12 miles (19 kilometers) northeast of the infamous Area 51,...

What is this mysterious giant sea creature discovered in Acapulco, Mexico?

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What is this mysterious giant sea creature that’s baffled experts after washing up on a tourist beach in Acapulco, Mexico? The monster of the deep is 4-metre (13-foot-long) and was discovered on...

Mysterious blood red sun over Santiago de Chile

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There is a blood red sun currently hovering Santiago de Chile. But nobody knows why... The sun has turned blood red in the sky of Chile on March 9, 2016 baffling...

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