Thursday, May 26, 2016

Monster supercell sweeps over Laplata in Maryland

This monster supercell swept across Laplata, Maryland on May 2, 2016. I'm sure you thought about the F4 tornado that hit the exact same place back in 2002. Look at this incredible...

Devastating tornado in Dolores, Uruguay on April 15, 2016

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A devastating tornado touched down in Dolores, Uruguay on April 15, 2016. The tornado caused serious damage overturning buses, cars, destroying homes, and injuring several residents. It is unclear how...

Unusual freak hailstorm hits Saudi Arabia

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An unusual freak hailstorm hit Saudi Arabia on April 6, 2016 covering the desert, streets and entire cities with white icy stones. The thunderstorms were so powerful that they created a...

Epic storm and destructive tornado sweeps through Owasso, Oklahoma – March 30 2016

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A destructive tornado touched down near the Stone Canyon neighborhood in Owasso on Wednesday evening, March 30, 2016. At least seven people were injured and authorities were evaluating damage that...

EF-2 tornado sweeps through Arkansas

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An EF-2 tornado touched down in Arkansas destroying at least seven homes and buildings near Evansville, Washington County and in nearby Crawford County. The natural disaster in the night from...

Daytime tornado and supercell hit Macomb, Illinois – Hail warning and structural damages

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A daytime tornado and an angry supercell have been filmed and photographed near Macomb, Illinois on March 15, 2016. Structural damages, golf ball-sized hail and flying debris, but no reports of...

Spectacular snow tornado forms in Norway

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Snow devils or “snownadoes” are extremely rare weather phenomena since they require very specific meteorological conditions to form. Snow tornadoes are so rare that only six have ever been captured...

Devastating tornado in Richards Bay, South Africa

A devastating tornado swept across Richards Bay, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa on February 9, 2016. Although I haven't found anything on the internet except this video. I would say nobody got hurt...

Tornado sirens in Fort Stewart, Georgia as twister engulfs the city

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Tornado sirens rang in Fort Stewart, Georgia as a twister swept through the city on February 3, 2016. And it sounds like a scene from an apocalyptical natural disaster movie. Here...

Huge violent tornadoes rip through Alabama and Mississippi

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Huge violent tornadoes ripped through Alabama and Mississippi on February 2, 2016. These storm chasers were less than a quarter mile away from a massive tornado in McMullen, western Alabama. Watch...

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