Mystery loud boom in Bradford, Vermont related to a US army jet sonic boom – February 24 2013


jet sonic booms

Not many people knew what the loud boom was that rattled stores and homes Thursday. But the Massachusetts Air National Guard had to take the blame. One of their jets broke the sound barrier. The big bang was an F-15 fighter jet from the Massachusetts Air National Guard of the 104th Fighter Wing. It broke the sound barrier, traveling near seven hundred mph and creating a sonic boom. The boom was not appropriate it made a lot of people nervous. The Massachusetts Air National Guard shouldn’t have broken the sound barrier in the area. In a statement they released they said “We will continue to work hard to prepare our pilots to fulfill our mission of air superiority, and our commitment to the community’s safety is always paramount, never intending to cause undue concern.

FOX44 – Burlington / Plattsburgh News, Weather

Here a few resident reports of the sonic boom:

I heard a boom“, “It sounded like ten elephants or something had landed on the roof“, “I haven’t heard anything like that in a long time“, “It literally moved the whole building“, “They were leaving trails in the sky. It was pretty blue, a nice sunny day and it turned out sure enough that’s what it was“.

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