Latest Strange Sounds in the Sky May 2015


strange sounds may 2015, strange sounds may 2015 video, video of strange sounds may 2015, latest strange sounds may 2015, weird noises may 2015 videoThe loud humming noises are increasing again!

Here the latest strange sounds recordings from Poland to Finland and USA to Canada for May 2015!

Let start this compilation with a video from Procecy Watcher’ s Gary:

May 18 2015, Around the world – Eerie noises from the sun Video

May 14 2015, USA – Loud sound over Vermont Video

May 12 2015, Canada – Strange trumpet sounds in Wellington. Sound at 3:50 Video

May 11 2015, Poland – Weird ringing sound over Warshaw Video

May 11 2015, Finland – Weird noise at Kauhajoki’ drill site Video

May 11 2015, Canada – Strange hissing sound over Toronto, Ontario Video

Can you work out what the sound coming from the sky is?

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