Enormous atomic storm cloud engulfs Phoenix, Arizona (video)


An enormous atomic storm cloud engulfed the sky above Phoenix, Arizona on August 2, 2016.

The once in a 100-year torrential rainstorm pummeled the city and turned roads into rivers.

Lennis Keyes, the uploader of the video, explains:

Today some parts of Phoenix received over 2 inches of rain. In fact this cloud is the cause of the flooding and traffic jams of yesterday. The large cloud sat hovering over Glendale for a long time before it began to race across the valley to the east.

Here the Youtube version of the video:

The Phoenix area received up to two inches of rain in one hour and the storm was described as a once in a 100-year event for the area.

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This is the second microburst in less than a week. Such downward wind brings heavy rain and damaging winds in thunderstorms. Microbursts form when a storm’s downdraft is so strong that it looks like the clouds are coming down like an atomic bomb over Phoenix, Arizona.

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