Fracking For Natural Gas is turning the beautiful america into a toxic hell!

fracking and drinking water map: a map showing where fracking pollutes the most rivers in the usa

On this map you can retrieve two types of information: the US rivers in blue and the main US fracking areas (natural gas reserves) superimposed in red. Natural gas reserves represent the most active US hydraulic fracturing areas. Not all of these areas are drilled, but some places within these areas. New York State is also shown in red because companies plan and are TRYING to get the okay for hydraulic fracturing. This map is from the documentary Gasland.

There is just one thing I would say about this terrifying map: Be careful if you live in a red area near a fracking site, your tap water may be contaminated and poisoned by the chemicals and other toxic substances used for fracking and described in the following report: Chemicals Used In Hydraulic Fracturing. You are not in danger everywhere in these red areas. The risk of contamination is related to your distance to a well.

Just to clarify, NOT ALL OF THESE RED AREAS ARE CONTAMINATED (again, they represent US natural gas reserves), but they have a higher risk of contamination due to a high concentration of fracking activity. I am concerned about the impact that fracking has on water. But as someone already wrote me in an e-mail: ‘it’s complete hyperbole to claim that all people who live in a red area on this map will jeopardize their health if they drink their tap water.

So if you are living near a fracking site be cautious,  look at your city’s water quality and TEST YOUR WATER!

This is the Gasland trailer.

The following video gives you an idea of other problems encountered during fracking operations.

If you accept fracking in other countries, then you will encounter the same problems. Stop fracking! Fight against fracking! Do not think about money! Think about our next generations and about your health!

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