And Now Unexplained Booming Noises Reported In Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida And New Mexico


When are our nerves and homes be able to rest a bit?

Unexplained booming noises have been reported shaking homes and windows in Louisiana, Florida and New Mexico last two days…

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Arkansas music pavilion

At least we know our Earth is living, moving, cracking and speaking to us… In any cases, it’s not silent at all!

Danielle. L. Miller asked if anyone know what the loud booms are around Ivan, LA? She felt about 6 if not more and they shook her house! But nobody has answered yet!

Could they be related to the booming noises heard and felt around Benton Arkansas linked to FBI explosives training expected to last all week.

And again in Florida, yesterday at 2pm near Kissimmee, Buenaventura Lakes… News teams are baffled and nobody seems to know what’s going on there.

Finally, a damn loud sound shook entire houses, as if a bomb had blown out at around 6pm, yesterday. Dogs in the area flipped out… But nothing was observed out side. What could it be?

Explosion noise are picking up again andnobody knows why! You have any ideas?

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