Mistpouffers mystery and unexplained noises


mistpouffer, mystery booms, mysterious booms, seneca guns, barisal guns, seneca booms, For centuries, people around the world people have reported hearing mysterious ‘booms’.

They are similar to sounds produced by a gun or cannon, rattle windows and doors but remain a mystery for scientists and witnesses.

Depending on which part of the world these noises occur, they go by a variety of names including mistpouffers in Belgium and The Netherlands; brontidi (or bartulio marinas) in Italy; barisal guns in England and Bangladesh; retumbos in the Phillipines; seneca guns in North America; seeschießen in Germany; and uminari in Japan.

The sounds are often, but not always, heard around water.

Possible explanations include earthquakes, rock bursts, mud volcanoes, explosive venting of gas, storm-driven waves, tsunamis, meteors, collapse of underwater caves, large waves crashing upon the coast; distant thunder and even singing sand.

There’s currently no scientific consensus as to what causes these noises.

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