Sonic boom rattles Charleston and the Lowcountry in South Carolina


At 12:45 p.m., a sonic boom rattled buildings in Charleston and houses across the Lowcountry in South Carolina.

I say jet sonic boom as the jolt was stronger and duration was too short (maybe 1 to 1.5 seconds), according to witnesses.

charleston boom

Moreover, the US Geological Survey is not reporting an earthquake in the area.

People all over the Charleston Metro area from Awendaw all the way down to the Kiawah Island area are reporting it.

Although this area is an extremely high risk area for earthquakes, some fighter jets also go  supersonic just off the coast.

I just hope it wasn’t a foreshock!

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  1. Please remove this aerial image of Charleston from your page. You do not have permission to use it and it is an infringement of my copyright. I am the photographer and owner of the image. Why do people think they can help themselves to others’ intellectual property??

  2. At12:00 midnight last night they’re was a loud humming for at least 15 minutes in las Vegas, Nevada. It was as if some huge aircraft was hovering over the northwest are of town. We have an airport close by but it is for small planes and helicopters. This was not a sonic boom it was like nothing I have ever heard before. I am a native and heard many aircraft sounds from Nellis Airfoce base this was different. very uneasy about what I heard no explanation from news channels.

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