Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bering Sea monster storm hits Alaska as wind gusts reach 122 MPH and waves 40ft in the Aleutian Islands

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The Bering Sea monster Storm is already among the strongest non-tropical cyclones on record with wind gusts hitting 122 MPH in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. Here some particularly frightening satellite...

Hurricane Sandra beats all records and will make landfall in Mexico on November 29, 2015

hurricane sandra, hurricane sandra landfall, hurricane sandra november 2015, hurricane sandra records, hurricane sandra breaks records, creepy hurricane sandra, hurricane sandra landfall mexico november 2015, Hurricane Sandra should make landfall in Mexico on November 29, 2015. Photo: National Hurricane Centervideo
Hurricane Sandra will make landfall in Mexico on November 29, 2015. And Sandra beats almost all possible records. Read below! And here the records: Record 1. #Sandra (125 kts) is now tied with...

Yemen flooded by Cyclone Chapala torrential rains in insane pictures and videos

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The first hurricane ever to hit Yemen in recorded history arrived early Tuesday morning when Tropical Cyclone Chapala hit the city of Mukallah. The storm has already dumped a decades'...

Typhoon Mujigae brings violent tornadoes to the city of Foshan, China

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At least seven people have been killed after Typhoon Mujigae with winds in excess of 180km/h battered the coast of south China. The storm unleashed violent tornadoes to the city of...

Zombie flooding: Coffins rise up because of floods in Orangeburg, South Carolina

Here another consequence of Hurricane Joaquin: Coffins surface because of related flooding. A cemetery is flooded causing coffins to rise up out of the ground in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Zombie flooding...

Hurricane Joaquin USA: Man rescued after his truck falls into a sinkhole caused by the road washing away in Spartanburg County, SC

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A man has survived after his truck fell into a sinkhole on a road that got washed away in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. As the man was swept away in...

Hurricane Joaquin to impact over 65 million people from South Carolina to Massachusetts

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Major Hurricane Joaquin to impact over 65 million people from South Carolina to Massachusetts. And that even though the hurricane is unlikely to make landfall in the United States. I was writing...

First time in over 100 years that no hurricanes engulf the Western Atlantic

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This year no hurricanes have been yet recorded in the Western Atlantic. And that has never been seen since 1914. According to scientists, two factors working against hurricane development, wind shear and dry air....

Meanwhile 3 major hurricanes are sweeping through the Pacific Ocean – Kilo, Ignacio and Jimena

3 major hurricanes pacific ocean, 3 major hurricanes pacific ocean kilo ignacio jimena august 2015, kilo hurricane august 2015, ignacio hurricane august 2015, jimena hurricane august 2015, The three Cat. 4 hurricanes sweeping through the Pacific Ocean. From left to right: Kilo, Ignacio and Jimena, High-resolution images of the 3 Category 4 hurricanes Kilo, Ignacio and Jimena. Photo by NASA the Pacific Ocean...As of 7pm 8/29/15 there are 3 major hurricanes ongoing! From left to right: Kilo (Cat 4), Ignacio (Cat 4), and Jimena (Cat 4). These Category 4 hurricanes...

Gov. Rick Scott declares state of emergency in Florida as Tropical Storm Erika nears dangerously

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Scott’s emergency order says Erika “poses a severe threat to the entire state.” The storm could hit the peninsula Monday. Read the state of emergency declaration below:       Get prepared! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

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