Saturday, March 25, 2017

Giant lenticular cloud engulfs the sky of Macedonia and amazes residents

lenticular cloud macedonia, lenticular cloud macedonia picture, lenticular cloud macedonia photo, creepy lenticular cloud macidonia, strange lenticular cloud macedonia, This incredible lenticular cloud appeared in the sky of Macedonia on Dec. 2 2015.
A giant lenticular cloud was seen floating in the sky over Gevgelija, Macedonia on December 2, 2015. This sunset colored cloud has the shape of a creepy leprechaun... Or of...

These pictures of Mount Etna eruption are just insane

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Look at these pictures of the ongoing Mount Etna eruption in Sicily, Italy. They are just insane. Mount Etna is an active volcano on the east coast of Sicily, between the provinces...

Mount Etna erupts spitting fire and smoke in the most powerful eruption of the last 20 years

Mount Etna Eruption december 3 2015, Mount Etna Eruption pictures, Mount Etna Eruption video, Mount Etna Eruption lightning, volcanic lightning Mount Etna Eruption, Mount Etna Eruption volcano lightning photo and video, Insane volcanic eruption at Mount Etna on December 03 2015 in Sicily
Mount Etna erupts on November 3, 2015 sending fire and plumes of smoke into the air. This new eruption of the Volcano in Sicily is the first to reach the surface...

Beautiful pictures of Comet Catalina and Comet Panstarrs currently cruising our sky

Comet Catalina, Comet Catalina picture, Comet Catalina 2015 picture, Comet Catalina perihelion november 2015 image, Comet Catalina michael Jaeger, comet chasing, look for comet catalina december 2015, The two tails of Comet Catalina
Comets have been shown to be unpredictable. Sometimes comets even disintegrate. But these comets are well worth following! Comet PANSTARRS (C/2014 S2) and Comet Catalina (C/2013 US10) are currently cruising...

Meanwhile a gold and silver spring has engulfed Santiago de Chile

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Chile is well known for its strong earthquakes. But sometimes in springtime nature also shows its beautiful side as gold and silver flowers engulf the entire city of Santiago de...

Storm Abigail: Foam apocalypse, giant waves and snow storm during Britain’s first named storm in pictures and video

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Storm warnings have been issued across northern England and every school in Scotland's Western Isles and Shetland has been closed after the storm hit the UK with winds of...

Catastrophic dam collapse and toxic mud flow destroy Bento Rodrigues in Brazil

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At least 15 people have died from the rupture of a dam of toxic waste in the State of Minas Gerais Brazil. 45 people are missing. The dam holding residue...

A contrail shadow at sunset is just out of this world

contrail shadow, contrail shadow at sunset, contrail shadow at sunset picture, picture of contrain shadow at sunset, colarado contrail shadow, contrail shadow colorado october 31 2015 photo, The shadow of a twisting contrail appears under some clouds in the sky of Colorado
On October 31, 2015, a weird phenomenon was captured by Larry Perkins in the sunset sky of Penrose, Colorado. The Sun, just below the horizon was casting a shadow of a plane contrail...

And suddenly multicolor pillars of fire rose to heaven

Southern lights, aurora australis, Southern lights picture, aurora australis picture, red aurora australis over new zealand, new zealand souhtern lights, best southern lights pictures, like a rainbow but these are Southern lights over New zealand.
The astrophotographer Minoru Yoneto was looking at comet Catalina C/2013 US10... When suddenly Southern Lights appeared and the pillars of fire rose to heaven. Red auroras - scarlet, crimson, and carmine...

Apocalyptical tsunami in the sky forms after collision of 2 supercell storms in the sky Nebraska

tsunami in the sky, giant wave cloud, tsunami cloud, giant tsunami cloud, wave cloud picture, amazing storm front, storm front like giant tsunami wave, this supercell front looks like a tsunami wave
The collision of two supercells resulted in the formation of this enormous "tsunami in the sky" storm front. Look at these giant wave supercell pictures by Mike Hollingstead. They will just blow...

Mysterious clouds roll over Bern, Switzerland

roll cloud, roll cloud picture, roll cloud asperatus undulatus, roll cloud october 2015, roll cloud bern october 2015, A series of mysterious clouds roll over Bern
These mysterious roll clouds engulfed the sky of Bern, Switzerland. What a wavy cloud formation. Two weeks ago, I photographed Undulatus Asperatus clouds over Bern... Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

When nature meets religion: Auroras engulf famous Arctic Cathedral in Tromsø

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These aurora were so bright that they were even visible alongside the glaring city lights of Tromsø, Norway. And also linked the famous Arctic Cathedral to heaven... or at least to...