Lenticular Clouds: The Spectacular Clouds that Look Like UFOs


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The next time you spot something resembling an alien craft looming overhead, check to make sure it’s not hovering beside a mountain. If it is, there’s a good chance you’ve spotted a lenticular cloud, like the one pictured on this post.

lenticular clouds photo over mountain

Lenticular clouds aren’t especially rare.

They’re actually a pretty common sight around mountains, where moist air – having recently passed over a nearby peak and collected above the summit’s downwind face – cools and condenses into a broad, motionless mass.

amazing lenticular clouds at night

Stacked and lens-like in appearance, lenticulars are notoriously beautiful.

Mount Rainier lenticular cloud formation from the Puyallup Ridge, Mount Rainier from the Puyallup Ridge fire lookout west of the 14,410 ft volcano with a lenticular cloud over the mountain.

Due to their shape, they have been offered as an explanation for some Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sightings.

Lenticular clouds ressembles ufo, lenticular clouds are ufo like form clouds

The next shot features a nighttime jaw-dropping lenticular with on the horizon the stunning Mount Hood. It was captured by astrophotographer Ben Canales and is absolutely gorgeous!

lenticular cloud formation usa europe and around the world best pictures

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  1. […] Not what it seems: Lenticular clouds are popular with UFO believers because they often look like flying saucers. The lens-shaped clouds form at high altitude and are usually formed when air passes over mountain tops. A constant wind may produce clouds which are stable and remain virtually stationary in the sky for long periods. FIND SOME MORE ON THESE CLOUDS HERE […]

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