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Posts on mystery mass die-offs happening around the world

Vicious virus kills 2,500 endangered Saiga antelopes in Mongolia – And nobody cares about!

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Around 2,500 Saiga antelopes have died in Mongolia since December 2016, struck by a deadly virus. This is the first time an infectious disease outbreak has led to the death...

Enormous jellyfish mass die-off turns sand beaches in blue in Australia (video)

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Are you ready for this jelly? Thousands of blue blubbers carpet north Brisbane beach. Yes, thousands of jellyfish washed up on the coast north of Brisbane, providing an incredible sight...

More than 3,700 dead birds suddenly drop from the sky in the Yolo Bypass in Sacramento

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Wildlife specialists have spent the last three days picking up more than 3,700 dead bird carcasses from the shore in the Yolo Bypass, California. Laurence Campling, who discovered the mass...

Macabre turtle graveyard: 400 turtles die in now completely dry oldest water dam reservoir of Brazil

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Brazil's oldest dam has become a new turtle graveyard. Now totally dry, Açude do Cedro is covered by more than 400 carcasses of dead turtle killed by the drought. The dam...

Ecosystem collapse: Millions of dead sardines wash up on a beach in Chile

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Millions of sardines washed up dead along Aucho beach in the small town of Quemchi located in the eastern shore of Chiloé Island on January 27, 2017. It is the...

Hydrogen sulfide kills fish in Lake Averno – Signs of an imminent eruption of Campi Flegrei?

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Lake Averno is situated in the Campi Flegrei volcanic field. Today, hydrogen sulfide present in the waters killed hundreds of fish in the lake. Is that a sign of an imminent eruption...

10000 snow geese die in Butte; possibly the largest die-off in history

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Thousands of migrating snow geese died in toxic water polluted by a defunct mining site in Butte. Snow geese have died in Butte after they made contact with toxic runoff...

Massive animal die-offs: 3000 deer, 300 birds, thousands of jellyfish blobs, 21 buffaloes

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Meanwhile the ecosystem collapse is going on with thousands of birds, fish and mammals dying off in mysterious ways. When is this going to stop? Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease is the official...

Two million pounds of dead fish in New York’s wealthy Southampton shore

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The after effects of a massive fish kill in the Shinnecock Canal continue to pile up in the Hamptons, New York. Most recently, more than two million pounds of smelly bunker...

100 salmon die instantly after being released in New Zealand’s river and nobody knows why

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100 salmon died within 15 minutes of putting them in the Opawa River, Blenheim New Zealand. And nobody knows why! A run of salmon died just minutes after being released into...

Thousands of birds die mysteriously along Lake Michigan – Is botulism responsible for the mass die-off?

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Since 2006, Lake Michigan has seen a steady stream of dead birds washing up on its beaches, and this fall has been exceptionally grim. So far, researchers and volunteers have...

80,000 reindeer die as Arctic sea ice retreats

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It’s not just polar bears that are suffering as Arctic sea ice retreats. 80,000 reindeer have starved to death because of unusual weather linked to global warming. Tens of thousands of...