Human-Sized Eel Discovered in Manawatu River, New Zealand – Really? A Monster Eel?

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This monster eel would have been the Kiwi sensation of 2014. It turns out to be a prank from an aspiring Kiwi film maker. He must have the laugh of...

Strange flying object observed at Popocatepetl volcano on March 31 2016

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A strange flying object was observed near the Popocatepetl volcano on Thursday March 31, 2016. What could it be? In the video, broadcast through the Twitter account of @webcamsdemexico, you can...

Apollo 15 footage: How come can you hear hammering in the Moon’s vacuum?

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This is from Apollo 15 NASA footage. If you did Physics at school or college you will know that sound cannot travel in a vacuum. Yet we can hear...

Genius kid thinks CERN threw us into an alternate dimension

Now a young genius is giving people reason to think about CERN, as he recently stated that he believes CERN actually destroyed our universe, and now we exist in an alternate
A young genius is giving people reason to think about CERN. 13 year old Max Laughlin recently stated that CERN actually destroyed our universe, and now we exist in an...

The Centrifuge Brain: A Fun Documentary About Brain Manipulation and Freaky Roller Coasters

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The Centrifuge Brain: A brilliant documentary about brain manipulation, excessive G-Force and prenatal simulations by Till Nowak. Will these terrifying and absurd roller coasters increase the cognitive functions of passengers? Dr. Nick...

What Is This Mysterious Underwater Creature in Sagami Bay?

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What Is This Mysterious Underwater Creature in Sagami Bay? Cameras aboard JAMSTEC's Hyper-Dolphin ROV have captured footage of something strange lurking on the floor southwest of Tokyo. Giant sea frog? Ningen?...

Crystal skulls of ancient Mesoamerica: Source of mystery and controversy for decades

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The famed crystal skulls of ancient Mesoamerica have been a source of mystery and controversy for decades. The handful of known skulls have defied even the most advanced scientific efforts...

Mysterious dark line appears in the sky of Mexico City

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What is this mysterious black line that appeared in the sky of Mexico City on March 30, 2016? Chemtrails? Contrails? Black beams? Shadows? People who think persistent contrails indicate some kind...

Did NASA Scientists Predict a Global Blackout in December?

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Certain hoaxes last for years like the one claiming a double moon on August 27. Another end times hoax states that US scientists predicted a global blackout in December...

Jade Helm 15 to produce loud booms in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi

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The controversial Jade Helm 15 army training has started on July 15, 2015. Jade Helm will continue until September 15th of 2015 and involves a massive military drill throughout 9...

Mysterious landing strip in Area 6 Nevada National Security Site of Yucca Flat

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What is this mysterious, mile-long landing strip in Area 6 of the Yucca Flat test site? This asphalt strip, just 12 miles (19 kilometers) northeast of the infamous Area 51,...

What is a chemtrail, Alexa?

This woman from Nottingham, UK, asked Alexa about chemtrails... And she got a very interesting answer. You would think the chemtrail conspiracy is a big enough thing that Amazon...