Friday, June 23, 2017

A Manufactured Sky With HAARP in Action! Or Geoengineering? Strange Glowing Ring Cloud Over Tunisia

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Look at these amazing pictures and video of this sunset sky over Kairouan, Tunisia! I think there is no more than one explanation: It's HAARP in action! This weird cloud formation...

Creepy shelf cloud engulfs the sky over Sabah, Malaysia

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On the morning of June 27, 2016, a creepy shelf cloud engulfed the sunny sky of Sabah, Malaysia. Nature in all its Almighty!  And a sign of the Times to...

Project blue beam: Mysterious mirage city appears in the clouds over Foshan

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Can you please explain how these skycrapers appeared behind the clouds in the sky of Foshan, China? The project blue beam? Yes look at this mysterious city appearing in the...

Strange Sky Phenomenon: Electric-Blue Sunrise Over Russia

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This photo is not that of a sunset but actually of a SUNRISE! Weird, no? How come is the sky blue and not colored in different shades of orange,...

This Amazing Timelapse Features Clouds Passing By Guadalajara in Mexico on September 7 2013

As seen in this video timelapse caught by webcams around the city of Guadalajara in Mexico, cities, especially when facing natural phenomena, are just magical. I find this video underlines...

Mystery Space Cloud Observed From the International Space Station (ISS)

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What was this strange jellyfish astronauts on board the International Space Station saw? An alien? A rocket launch? A missile launch? One thing is sure, the cloud it left...

Undulatus asperatus and Mammatus clouds photographed in the skies of Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois

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Wavy undulatus asperatus engulfed the sky over Kentucky and southern Ohio on August 3, 2015. A day before the sky of Chicago was full of mammatus clouds Both strange cloud formations...

Surreal Undulatus Asperatus Sunset Over North Dakota in Video

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Look at thee crazy undulatus asperatus clouds at sunset. They are rolling in the sky like waves from out-of-this-world. This video was filmed by Mike Olbinski, who explains: All spring I chase storms across...

Mothership supercell over Cartagena, Colombia

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This mothership supercell cloud swallowed up the sky of Cartagena, Colombia on June 30, 2016. The pictures and video are just insane! The powerful cumulonimbus cloud engulfed the sky over Cartagena,...

The invasion begins! Group of giant lenticular clouds engulfs Puerto Natales, Chile

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This army of giant lenticular clouds engulfed Puerto Natales, Chile, on October 19, 2016. The invasion begins... From the skies! The following pictures feature eerie, saucer-shaped puffs that seem to hang...

Crazy supercell thunderstorm swallows up Edirne, Turkey

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Just some insane new images of a crazy supercell thunderstorm that engulfed Edirne, Turkey on April 25, 2016. Nature is so powerful! Did you see this mothership supercell? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Cloud Pictures: Roll Cloud Photographed over Venice, Florida

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Dramatic cloud pictures in the sky of Venice, Florida. Look at this roll cloud photos captured on September 23, 2014 Onlookers snapped dramatic photos of a roll cloud moving over Venice,...

Awesome mammatus clouds cover the sky in northern Italy

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This week-end, mammatus clouds were observed across Italy, especially in the northern part, where strong thunderstorms have been reported. Look at the amazing cloud formation over Peaio, near Milan, Italy! Have you...

Again, four mysterious humanoid shapes form above the cloud cover during a flight between Warsaw to London

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A series of strange photographs shot during a flight between Warsaw to London show mysterious figures above the clouds. What are these weird shapes standing above the clouds? You probably remember 'The Giant...

Giant fire rainbow cloud irradiates Singapore for at least 15 minutes

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Singapore was treated to a rare weather phenomenon as a giant "fire rainbow" appeared in the sky on February 20, 2017. The light show lasted for 15 minutes and could reportedly be...

Insane lenticular cloud over Lake Tahoe

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This insane lenticular cloud formed over Lake Tahoe, a beautiful Lake where California and Nevada meet. Sometimes Summer Solstices are really out-of-this-world. And what about a timelapse video? Here it is: Happy Solstice... Delayed... Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

What is this mysterious flashing orange sky over North Vancouver?

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Why did the clouds over the northern area of Vancouver started glowing bright orange late on November 6, 2015? Fires? Explosions? Anyone know what was happening near the Chevron refinery in Burnaby? Strong winds hit on...

A Strange Sky Phenomenon Occurred Over Mobile, Alabama – Sundog in a Distrail

sundog forms in Distrail, distrail and sundog, strange sky phenomenon: sun dog in distrail, strange weather phenomena: sundog forms in distrail, An amazing picture of a sundog appearing within a distrail over Mobile on February 2014
This is probably a once-in-a-lifetime sky phenomenon! Look at the amazing moment this sundog forms into a distrail over Mobile, Southern Alabama. Sometimes, with some luck and the right position you can...

Creepy shelf cloud darkens the sunset sky of Virginia (pictures)

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Before the skies opened up over Virginia on Wednesday evening, thunder and ominous black clouds gave a solid warning of the looming storm, with unbelievable images capturing the impending...

Mysterious clouds roll over Bern, Switzerland

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These mysterious roll clouds engulfed the sky of Bern, Switzerland. What a wavy cloud formation. Two weeks ago, I photographed Undulatus Asperatus clouds over Bern... Follow us: Facebook and Twitter