Sunday, May 29, 2016
Fireball, Meteor, Comet

Fireball, Meteor, Comet

Posts on fireball, fireball strike, meteor strike, comet and other mystery sky phenomena happening around the world

Awesome fireball over Georgia – May 3, 2016

On May 3, 2016, an awesome blue-green space rock suddenly lit up the sky of Georgia, USA. The fireball was captured by the dashcam of Jeremy Wall in the Lawrenceville...

Fireballs explode in the sky of Turkey and Georgia, USA – Loud booms reported

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Two fireballs were seen exploding in the sky of Şanlıurfa, Turkey and Georgia, USA. Loud explosion booms reported in Turkey. And the videos are awesome! A meteor fireball exploding in the...

Long-tailed sungrazing comet smashes into the sun after large solar explosion on May 1, 2016

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Look at this sungrazing comet smashing into the sun on May 1, 2016. And did you see the large solar explosion just before? Insane! That is an awesome 'suicide comet' gif...

Exploding Lyrids fireball lights up the sky of Japan

Look at this awesome exploding fireball. The brilliant meteor fragmented in the sky of Japan on April 22, 2016. Just wow! Have you also been able to watch some Lyrids in the last...

Bright fireball burns up in the sky of Hampshire, UK on April 20, 2016

This is the second fireball over Hampshire in a month. And as for the first time, this meteor was bright, really bright... And took many seconds before it had completely...

Green fireball strikes the sky of Illinois, Missouri and Iowa – Dashcam video

A green fireball disintegrated in the sky across Illinois, Missouri and Iowa on April 15, 2016. This lucky driver managed to catch this bright meteor on his dashcam camera. According to...

Long-burning blue-green fireball disintegrates in the sky of Kherson and Crimea, Ukraine

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What is this mysterious blue-green light crossing the sky of Kherson, Ukraine on April 11, 2016? Two dashcam cameras recorded the amazing sky event at approximately 9:34 pm Moscow time,...

Meteorite crashes on farm in loud booming noise

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This weird white stone crashed in a loud boom on a Nigerian farm last March 12, 2016 creating panic among residents. Women and children were asked to vacate the farms...

Incredibly bright space object explodes over Saudi Arabia on April 3, 2016

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That's nothing special! Just a bunch of kids playing football under the light of an incredibly bright bolide that exploded over northern Saudi Arabia, April 3, 2016. Do you have more...

Exploding fireball disintegrates in the night sky of Rai Valley New Zealand

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This exploding fireball disintegrated in the night sky of Rai Valley, New Zealand at around 9pm on April 5, 2016. According to an astronomer, this brighter-than-normal meteor was likely the...

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