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Asteroid attack? Large fireballs change night into day over Wisconsin and Illinois, Brazil while Comet 45P approaches Earth

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What is going on in our Solar System? Is there an asteroid attack? After three near misses in nearly 2 weeks, now two large fireballs have changed the night into...

Third near miss in January 2017: Newly discovered asteroid makes closest flyby since September 6, 2016

asteroid, asteroid near miss, asteroid shaves earth january 2017, asteroid earth 2017 bh30, This is the thrid time in 3 weeks that a newly discovered asteroid makes a close shave with our planet. Last space rock close call: 2017 BH30 on January 30,
A newly discovered asteroid named 2017 BH30 made the closest flyby since September 6, 2016 on January 30, 2017. 2017 BH30 belongs to Apollo group of asteroids. It was discovered...

Multiple meteor fireballs disintegrate in the sky over the US and the UK in the last few days

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Is the sky falling on us? More than 7 fireballs were reported disintegrating in the US and the UK in the last four days! A bright flash in the sky was caught...

Second near miss in 3 weeks: Unexpected asteroid slips between Earth and the moon

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Less than 3 weeks ago, an asteroid the size of a building slipped past Earth from a distance about halfway to the moon. Now a similar space rock, asteroid 2017...

Was mysterious Lake Cheko formed from the exploding Tunguska meteorite?

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Was the mysterious Lake Cheko formed by the exploding Tunguska meteorite? Russian scientists deny theory of respected Italian team by 'proving' that the remote blue lake is older than the...

Large fireball disintegrates in the night sky over Omsk

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I love fireballs! Especially if they are green, disintegrate slowly letting us the time to stare at them! This space bolide flew in the night sky over Omsk, Russia on January...

Nasa detects two space rocks heading towards Earth: A comet and an unknown object

two asteroids heading toward Earth, nasa asteroid, neo, near earth object, Two space rocks are currently heading towards Earth: One is an Comet, the other one is an unknown objectvideo
This week a comet that started life in the outer reaches of our solar system will be visible from Earth for the first time, as it approaches our planet's...

Very bright fireball explodes just over Puerto Rico on Jan 12, 2016

This very bright fireball explodes just south of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico on Jan 12, 2016 at 5:11am local time. The space rock left behind what looks to be some very...

Jumbo asteroid has close shave with Earth

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An asteroid between 11 to 34 meters across (36 to 111ft), roughly the size of 10 jumbo African elephants, made a remarkably close approach to Earth on Monday morning. The...

Two massive fireballs explode over Russia in loud booms

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Two massive fireballs falling during the first major meteor shower of 2017 – the Quadrantids – have been caught on camera by lucky car driver in northwestern Russia. The two luminous space rocks...

Anomalous Quadrantid meteor shower: 3 fireballs pictured in Southern Hemisphere – Extremely rare

Rare Quadrantid Meteors In The Southern Skies, 3 extremely rare Quadrantid meteors were photographed in the Southern Skies, anomalous quandrantid meteor shower
The Quadrantid meteor shower is 2017’s first major meteor shower and it peaks tonight. The display is virtually nonexistent for observers in the Southern Hemisphere. But Franky Lucena shot three...

Mysterious noise, bright flash of light over Alberta: Meteor explosion?

loud booms meteor fireball Alberta, meteor fireball alberta, fireball grande prairie, flash of light meteor explosion alberta, Loud booms and a loud booming noise baffled residents and officials of Grande Prairie, Canada on December 31, 2016. A meteor fireball disintegration?video
Did a meteor crash through the Earth’s atmosphere over northern Alberta on December 31, 2016? Strange noise and bright flash of light in the sky reported by residents of Peace River shortly...