Strange Sounds and mysterious booms are increasing again rattling homes around the world in January 2019… And nobody seems to know why!

Strange noises from the sky in January 2019, Strange noises from the sky in January 2019 video
A mysterious noise from the sky is continuing to baffle people all over the world - as well as giving those who hear it sleepless nights. Sounding...

What’s the loudest sound in the Universe – a place technically soundless

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In space, it has been said, no one can hear you scream - space’s atmosphere lacks the material that make sound waves possible. That may very well...

The polar vortex is about to split into 3 pieces, bringing severe winter weather and blizzard conditions for parts of the U.S. and Europe… And the snow chaos has...

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Scientists are seeing signs that global weather patterns toward the latter half of January and into February may shift significantly to usher in severe winter weather for...

Powerful eruption of Sheveluch volcano, Kamchatka, turns snow GREY over wide area

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The snow has turned grey around the Shevelush volcano in Kamchatka after its continuous and intense eruptive activity of the last 2 days.

Ghostly sundog phenomenon mystifies Fichtelberg mountain in Germany

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Watch this spectacular halo display slowly intensifying and disappearing on Fichtelberg mountain, Saxony, Germany on December 16: Spectacular halo display on Fichtelberg mountain,...

Strange sounds from the sky and mysterious rattling booms baffle residents of USA, UK, Malaysia and Sweden

strange sounds and mysterious booms dec 2018 videos
The strange sounds and mysterious booms are increasing again... Or let say they have never stopped. Within the last two weeks, several rumblings and creepy noises were...

The strange ‘Mountain of God’ shows signs of eruption, threatening nearby villages in Tanzania

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Ol Doinyo Lengai, located in Tanzania, is the only known actively erupting carbonatite volcano on the planet. Picture via Mountain was here. A...

NASA releases first ever audio recording from Mars

nasa records first sound from mars, nasa records first sound from mars video, nasa records first sound from mars december 2018 video
On December 1, 2018, NASA released the first ever audio recording from Mars! NASA records first sound from mars on December 1, 2018. Picture by NASA

A sickening, pulsing heartbeat: Mystery HUM rattles residents’ nerves from Delaware to N.J.

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It's described as a booming or thumping sound. A repetitive, dull bass that been pulsating through homes and rattling residents' nerves. It's music whose origin is a mystery and...

Scientists capture a weird noise coming from Antarctic ice shelf

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The Antarctic is no stranger to weird sounds, from ancient trapped air bubbles popping to entire ice sheets disintegrating. Now we can add another freaky track to the oeuvre...