Ghostly Strange Sounds From Perseids Fireball 2014 – Terrifying

Perseids fireball 2014 create enigmatic ghostly strange sounds...


This is terrifying! Listen to the ghostly strange sounds from Perseids Fireball 2014.

So far the Perseids 2014 are holding their own. Observers have reported dozens of Perseid fireballs cutting through the glare. This one even came with sound effects. Amazing!

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This fireball strange sounds was recorded on August 7 2014 in New Mexico. Photo: Thomas Ashcraft

These meteor strange sounds were produced by terrestrial radio signal bouncing off the ionized trail of the fireball. It is actually a method to detect called “forward scatter radar.

This meteor was caught at 11:30 pm in New Mexico as the constellation Perseus was coming up over the northern horizon. Here an shot but amazing timelapse of the glowing milky way and some fireballs crossing it near Vancouver, BC:

Perseids 2014 vs August SUPERMOON

Even though there is a bright moon at the moment, there will still be some beautiful Perseids over the next few nights. The full Moon of August 10th is indeed a supermoon. Actually this exceptional moon is the biggest and brightest of 2014.

But it seems that this bright moonlight will not outshine the Perseid meteor shower or at least the ghostly strange sounds from Perseids Fireball 2014.

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