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Psychedelic Cat
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Mesmerizing Waters in a Small Dam on the Foothills of Himalaya

This was a small check dam on the foothills of Himalaya, the water was just mesmerising
This guy was walking somewhere in the Himalaya... An suddenly he stumbled upon that mesmerizing water circling within a dam.

Keepers At Le Kereon Lighthouse Have the Most Dangerous Job Around

crazy jobs in the world: kereon lighthouse, most dangerous jobs in the world: kereon lighthouse, keepers at kereon risk their lives to go on week-ends, le phare de kéréon or Kereon lighthouse during a storm in Brittany. Photo by Frédéric le Mouillour, phare de kéréon, phare de kéréon photo, Most dangerous jobs in the world: kereon lighthouse keeper, Most dangerous jobs in the world kereon lighthouse keeper by Frédéric le Mouillour, job les plus dangereux dans le monde: travailler au phare de kereon, travailler au phare de kereon est incroyable, You really have to be crazy to get in and out of this lighthouse, how is it to work in a light house, terrifying job: lighthouse keepers, crazy lighthouse keepers at kereonvideo
Compared to our daily subway mess, this is hell! What keepers at "Le Kereon" lighthouse have to challenge to go on week-ends is absolutely...

The Scenic Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway Looks Like a Hot Wheels Playset

atlantic ocean road norway, atlantic ocean road norway pictures, atlantic ocean road norway videovideo
Is your GPS still working? Yes, because the Atlantic Highway is five miles of sheer insanity and wave-soaked driving.

Stare Into the Eye of the Sahara

richat structure, richat structure mauritania, richat structure eye of africa, eye of sahara, richat structure mysteryvideo
Just over 30 miles in diameter, the Richat Structure is a circular unexplained geological formation located in the midst of the Sahara Desert.

The Mysterious Sailing Stones of the Racetrack Playa in Death Valley

Death Valley sailing stones,Sliding Rocks of Racetrack Playa, sailing stones racetrack playa death valley, racetrack playa death valley, sliding rocks, walking rocks, rolling stones, moving rocksvideo
Have geologists finally figured out how Death Valley's 'sailing stones' move across the desert all by themselves? A NASA geologist believes he has...

The Mysterious Whispering Bench in Philadelphia

sound oddity: Philadelphia’s Whispering Bench, strange acoustic phenomenon: sound oddity: Philadelphia’s Whispering Bench, strange sound phenomenon, strange acoustic phenomenon, us acoustic architecture, weird acoustic phenomenon, Philadelphia’s Whispering Bench, us sound oddity, sound oddity: Philadelphia’s Whispering Bench, video sound oddity, video, whispering bench usavideo
You don't know where to tell your loved one how much she/ he counts for you? Just in front of Memorial Hall in...

Horseshoe Lake in Mammoth Mountain Area Is Full of Killer Gas

Horseshoe Lake, Horseshoe Lake gas, Horseshoe Lake asphyxiating gas, co2 gas at Horseshoe Lake, Horseshoe Lake california, Horseshoe Lake california danger, Horseshoe lake panoramavideo
Horseshoe Lake is a wonderful place within Long Valley Caldera Field in California. It has everything one could ever want for outdoor excursions:...

Would You Like to Take a Shit Here?

two way mirror public bathroom, two way mirror public bathroom video, two way mirror public bathroom usa, two way mirror public bathroom locations, I would like to take a shit in such a two way mirror public bathroom. But where can I find them?
I would once like to have a shit in one of those two-way mirror public bathrooms. Now add this twist: The mirrors...

Salton Sea Beaches Are Covered by Dead Fish Bones, No Sand

fish bones cover Salton Sea beaches, fish bones cover Salton Sea beaches video, fish bones cover Salton Sea beaches picture, Salton Sea beaches are covered by dead fish bonesvideo
Beaches are normally covered with soft white or golden sand... At Salton Sea however, dead fish bones have replaced sand over time... Yep, there is no...

The Mystic ‘Spotted Lake’ Is A Sacred Site Changing Colors And Producing Therapeutic Waters Near Osoyoos, BC, Canada

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No, you are not dreaming! What you see on these photographs is a lake, but a lake changing colors: THE 'SPOTTED LAKE' or...

The Skeleton Lake in Himalaya Is Full of Bones From Old Asian Pilgrims Killed by Apolcalyptic Hailstorm and Younger Mysterious Europeans

roopkund lake mystery, Skulls and bones at Roopkund lake, bones and skully at roopkund lake, mysterious roopkund lake mystery, roopkund lake mystery debunked, skeleton laky mystery solved, hundreds of people killed by hail storm at roopkund lake,video
There are some creepy places where dead bodies just lay out in the open! Take Roopkund glacial lake, which is during the winter the perfect place to...


kingkong exhibition NYC
This part of the King Kong exhibition at the Empire State Building, New York is awesome!

A Mysterious Eye Seen From Space in the Moyave Desert

giant eye moyave desert california, giant eye moyave desert california story, giant eye moyave desert california picture
In 1980 a small team of friends designed a matrix of mirrors a mile wide, in the shape of a human eye in the Mojave desert.

Picture of Giant Penis in Downtown Sacramento

Picture of the giant cock painted on Sacramento Office Building, giant cock sacramento picture, picture of large cock sacramento
Picture of the giant cock painted on Sacramento Office Building. Picture via Neogaf This is the picture of the large penis that was...

The Amazing Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand

Moeraki boulders, Moeraki boulders unexplained, mysterious Moeraki boulders, unexplained Moeraki boulders phenomenon, unexplained Moeraki boulders, Moeraki boulders new zealand, The gigantic boulders started forming on the ocean floor and can now been seen sitting mysteriously on the coastline thanks to centuries of
The coast of Otago on the South Island of New Zealand is known for a strange and baffling nature phenomenon. These giant stone...

Giant Earth Crack Drains Lake in Iceland Which Then Reappears Years Later

Lake Kleifarvatn, Lake Kleifarvatn fissure, Lake Kleifarvatn crack, earthquake creates crack at Lake Kleifarvatn, Lake Kleifarvatn disappearing, Lake Kleifarvatn drainingvideo
Icelanders are accustomed to their land being stretched, split, and torn by violent earthquakes and hazardly rebuilt by exploding volcanoes. But everyone was...

The Medieval Talking Vulva

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A talking vulva? Centuries-old text reveals an erotic poem about a woman talking to her vulva to determine who is best appreciated by...

Bird blows smoke rings

bird blows smoke ring, bird blows smoke ring picture, bird blows vapor ring, bird blows smoke ring audubon
Sometimes nature is simply surprising. Look at this bird blowing smoke rings as it cried out to defend its territory at the wetlands...

Deep in the jungle, a Lost City in Honduras harbours brand new species and animals long-thought extinct

lost city honduras biodiversity, new species honduras rainforest lost city, Brand New Species And Animals Long-Thought Extinct Found Near "Lost City" In Honduras
Around the ruins and dense rainforest of a mysterious "lost city" in Honduras, researchers have discovered a treasure trove of biodiversity, including numerous species once thought to be extinct...