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Post on insect plagues and other threatening animal invasions happening around the world

Billions of cicadas prepare to invade Virginia, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia

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It’s about to get a lot noisier along the East Coast as billions of cicadas prepare to emerge after 17 years underground... The hordes of bugs will make themselves heard...

Mysterious biblical beetle invasion along beaches of Mar de Ajó and San Bernardo, Argentina

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A biblical beetle invasion has started along the beaches of Mar de Ajó and San Bernardo in Argentina. The strange phenomenon surprised locals and tourists, but the cause of this insect...

Dengue fever outbreak and Zika virus – State of emergency in Hawaii

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Hawaii has more than 250 confirmed cases of dengue fever. No cases of the Zika virus have been found yet but there's concern that the islands could be at risk because...

Disgusting invasion of snow fleas may also occur around you

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An invasion of snow fleas may also occur around your home... And that's disgusting. These days, they are plaguing several areas of the Tula region in Russia. Sometimes, snow becomes black as...

Millions of spiders invade Memphis creating a half-mile long spider web

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Millions of spiders are currently infesting a neighborhood in Memphis. And have built up a nearly half-mile long spider web to live in. May Street and Chelsea Avenue in Memphis are infested...

Truck hauling honey bees overturns in Oklahoma

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A truck hauling honey bees overturned in Garvin County, Oklahoma, on September 29, 2015. Millions of honey bees are estimated to have escaped... Beeware. The accident occurred around 1 p.m. The total...

Man finds giant bald-faced hornet nest in front of his window after holidays

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This guy from Akron, Ohio was on holidays all summer, but when he came back, he had a good reason to be terrified. He was woken up by taps from bald-faced hornets...

Giant spider webs engulf Dallas suburb – An arachnaphobe’s worst nightmare

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That's really an arachnaphobe’s worst nightmare. Giant spider webs extending up to 40 feet draping the trees like shrouds are covering trees along CA Roan Drive in Rowlett, Texas. And are...

Biblical locust plague blots out the sun in Russia

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This is not a swarm of birds! No this is an apocalyptic invasion of locusts in the Astrakhan region, Southern Russia. Have you ever experienced such a crazy locust plague? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Mayfly apocalypse on the roads in Pennsylvania

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Literally, a 'blizzard' of mayflies swarmed the Veterans Memorial Bridge in Pennsylvania forcing its temporary closure. Millions of mayflies attracted by the lights on the Route 462 bridge, died and fell to...

The Angel Hair phenomenon is occurring right now in Australia

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Angel Hair is like spider rain! Yes, millions of baby spiders seemed to be falling from the sky, covering the vegetation with their silk! Awesome! It is not only raining spider...

Flying spider phenomenon in Chicago will keep you up at night!

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Every spring, spiders on the outside of the windows. Sometimes it can be a lot. And this on top of the highest buildings in Chicago! The flying spider phenomenon in...

This abandoned house crawls with spiders from floor to ceiling

This abandoned house crawls with spiders from floor to ceiling! And if you don't believe me, watch this swarm of daddy longleg spiders playing and aggregating! Creepy! Sometimes spiders are just...


VERY few videos make my jaw drop. This was one of them. This HOUSE TURNED INTO A GIANT HIVE FOR 10YRS was insane. WELL, THERE IS A BRIGHT SIDE: FREE...

Strange Animal Behavior: Money Spiders Weave Giant Spider Web in East Sussex

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These ghostly pictures of a sea of silver spider webs are haunting! They were discovered over a 130 feet wide area and have been photographed at a nature reserve in...

100 Millions of Spiders Create 4-Acre Spider Web in Baltimore – Extreme Spider Web!

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This is probably one of your biggest nightmare! 100 Millions of Spiders Create 4-Acre Spider Web in Baltimore! Can you imagine this? Or you can also take it the other way! How...

New Epidemic? Yellow Fever Mosquitoes Found in Los Angeles County

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Ebola may not be the only cause of fear to arrive in the US recently. Yellow fever mosquitoes, responsible for dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever, have been found in...

Tarantula Invasion In Austria: Schock in Nickelsdorf as Huge Tarantula Spiders are Discovered

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Tarantula invasion in Nickelsdorf, Austria. Residents of Nickelsdorf are confused and haunted by large tarantula spiders invading gardens and homes in the small village. It's going on for days now. South...

Madagascar Locust Plague: Billions Of Flying Insects Engulf Sky Of Madagascar During Annual Migration

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The Madagascar locust plague is at its maximum and has biblical proportions! Look at these amazing pictures as billions of the insects make their annual migration over the Madagascan capital of...

Black Mold Plague Threatens Health Of Residents In Flood-Damaged Warren, Michigan

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Just one month after the historical floods in Warren, Michigan, residents are experiencing a black mold plague right now! This is terrible, very, very toxic! August 25 2014, Warren, Michigan - After...