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Underground Explosion

Underground Explosion

Posts on underground explosion and other transformer explosion around the world

Apocalyptic Water Main Break Destroys Macomb Avenue in Sioux City

water main break destroys macomb street sioux city, water main break sioux city, water main break destroys pavement in macomb avenue sioux city, destroyed pavement after water main break in sioux city, water main break sioux city january 4 2014sinkhole swallows street in siolux city ihio, giant sinkhole swallows street in Ohio, apocalyptic sinkhole macomb avenue sioux city
I would call this an apocalyptic water main break! A major blow out! Look at this destroyed pavement at the scene of a water main break in Macomb Avenue in...

Mysterious Giant Methane Plumes Discovered In Arctic Ocean

mysterious giant methane plumes, Methane mega flare arctic ocean, huge methane reservoir siberia, Methane mega flare discovered in arctic ocean, Mysterious Giant Methane Plumes Discovered In Arctic Ocean, methane mega flare arctic ocean siberia, An unexpected methane mega flare event was discovered on the Laptev Sea slope of the Arctic Ocean, at a depth of about 62 meters. Photo: University of Stockholm
A team of international scientists aboard an icebreaker has discovered an incredibly high concentration of methane gas escaping from the Arctic Ocean floor in Siberia. Its source is still...

Terrifying Gas Line Explosion in Taiwan (Photos and video)

gas leak explosion taiwan, gas leak explosion taiwan photo, gas leak explosion taiwan video, gas leak explosion taiwan photo and video, taiwan city destroyed by underground gas leak, A blast rips through the city of Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan. The gas leak has killed at least five
There was a terrifying gas line explosion in Taiwan (Kaohsiung). Multiple gas explosions literally ripped through the city of Kaohsiung in Taiwan creating massive craters, overturning cars and destroying buildings...

Mysterious Louisiana Sinkhole Created by Explosive Gas-Rich Quakes

la sinkhole, louisiana sinkhole, louisiana sinkhole formation, origin of louisiana sinkhole, science article louisiana sinkhole, gas-rich earthquake create mysterious Louisiana sinkhole, earthquake triggers louisiana sinkhole, La sinkhole forms after series of quakes, Mysterious La Sinkhole Was Created By Quakes Caused By Underground Explosions, Mysterious La Sinkhole Was Created By Quakes Caused By Underground Explosions. Photo: On Wings of Care
Gas-charged fluid may have explosively generated earthquakes preceding the giant Louisiana sinkhole. I wasn't totally wrong when trying to link the Louisiana sinkhole to exploding lakes! The Louisiana sinkhole opened up...

Two New Siberia Mysterious Holes Discovered Baffle Scientists

siberia hole, mysterious holes in siberia, two new holes found in sibeeria, two new giant cavities in siberia july 2014, giant holes found in russia july 2014, two new giant holes found in siberia july 2014, mysterious origin of giant holes in siberia july 2014, Two new giant cavities were found in Siberia. Their origin still baffles scientists. , two new Siberia mysterious holes discovered baffle scientists!
These two new Siberia mysterious holes discovered baffle scientists! It is not like this is the work of men, but also doesn't look like natural formation. As already reported four days...

Mystery Deepens Around Giant Siberian Sinkhole As Second Crater Is Discovered

second mysterious crater found in Yamal july 2014, second giant hole discovered in tundra of yamal peninsula, yamal peninsula second crater, second hole discovered in yamal peninsula july 2014, giant hole discovered in siberia, A second mysterious crater was discovered in Siberia by reindeer herders. Photo first giant sinkhole discovered one week ago in the Yamal Peninsula.
Reindeer herders in Russia's Far North have discovered yet another mysterious giant hole about 30 kilometers away from a similar one found days earlier. Located in the permafrost of the...

Is Yellowstone Supervolcano About to Erupt? 4.8 Magnitude Quake Rattles YellowStone National Park – March 30 2014

large earthquake yellowstone, large quake yellowstone march 2014, yellowstone earthquake march 30 2014, Yellowstone earthquake march 30 2014
After Los Angeles, two days ago, the Yellowstone National park was rattled by a 4.8 magnitude quake. It occurred at 12:34 UTC (6:34 local time) on Mar 30, 2014, 37 kilometers...

Strange Sounds, Loud Booms and Mysterious Explosions Compilation – June 2013 and July 2013

boom, loud booms, mysterious booms
In this post, I post some information about strange sounds and loud booms as well as mysterious explosions heard and witnessed around the world. Loud noises and mysterious booms...

Mysterious and Unexplained Phenomena: Underground Explosion, Mass Die-Offs, Sinkhole Formations

This post features different mysterious and unexplained events that occurred June 25 or June 26 2013. These comprise underground explosions, animal mass die-offs, animal attacks, sinkhole formations and other...

The Earth is Moving: Sinkhole formation in Missouri and Underground Explosions in California and Texas

Huge sinkhole grows in a field in Nixa (Christian County in Missouri) - June 20 2013 A Huge sinkhole is growing wider and deeper in Nixa, Missouri from about 10...

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