Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Yemen flooded by Cyclone Chapala torrential rains in insane pictures and videos

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The first hurricane ever to hit Yemen in recorded history arrived early Tuesday morning when Tropical Cyclone Chapala hit the city of Mukallah. The storm has already dumped a decades'...

Terrifying video of the 7.5 earthquake in Afghanistan and Pakistan on October 26, 2015

A M7.5 earthquake struck Afghanistan and some parts of Pakistan on October 26, 2015. Watch this terrifying CCTV video showing the exact time the earthquake struck in Pakistan. The death toll...

Mysterious elongated object shoots into storm cloud in Spain – Geoengineering?

What is this mysterious elongated object shooting into a storm cloud in Spain? Is this another proof of geoengineering? Or is it a suspicious UFO jetting into a large storm cloud...

Zombie flooding: Coffins rise up because of floods in Orangeburg, South Carolina

Here another consequence of Hurricane Joaquin: Coffins surface because of related flooding. A cemetery is flooded causing coffins to rise up out of the ground in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Zombie flooding...

Foam party? Toxic froth at Bellandur Lake rises so high that it spills over into neighbouring areas

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This isn't snow. And there wasn't any foam party around. No, what's covering streets and floating in the air at Bellandur Lake, in India's technology capital, is a stinky toxic froth...

Hundreds of wildebeest mysteriously die in the Mara River in Tanzania

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The title says it all. Hundreds of wildbeest have been found dead in Mara River in northern Serengeti, Tanzania on September 28, 2015. Here a video showing how epic this crossing may...

Watching a shockwave spreading towards a tank at 340 m/s is insane

This video is truely amazing. Watch the shockwave from bomb spreading at 340m/s against a tank. Insane. And if this once happens to you, you should keep your mouth open. It'll indeed help...

5 of the strangest sounds in the world that nobody can explain

Here a video presenting 5 strange sounds in the world. But that no one can explain. Here a list of strange sounds from the sky from 2008 to 2015. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Terrifying storm clouds engulf and swallow Caxias do Sul, Brazil within seconds

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This is the terrifying moment a violent storm front engulfs town of Caxias do Sul on September 16, 2015. Look at the speed... The city got suddenly covered by this wall...

First pictures and videos of the tsunami on the coast of Chile after a strong M8.3 earthquake strikes

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A powerful magnitude-8.3 earthquake shook Chile on September 16 2015. Chilean authorities issued a tsunami alert for the country's entire coast. First M7.9, the now M8.3 quake, 15.5 miles (25 kilometers)...

The longest continental volcano chain has just been discovered in Australia and is 1,200 miles long

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The longest continental volcano chain has just been discovered in Australia. And it is an amazing 1,200 miles long. This is nearly three times the length of the famous Yellowstone hotspot track...

Another deep-sea oarfish found dead near coastal La Jolla, California

Lifeguard spotted massive fish off Shell Beach in La Jolla, California. And the fish ended up being an oarfish. The body of the 10-foot long oarfish was found floating in the water....