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Earth Sounds

Earth Sounds

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Rocks can talk: Listen to the eerie humming noises of Utah’s iconic arches

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Rocks can talk or at least emit strange humming sounds! Listen to what the iconic sandstone arches of southeastern Utah have to say! Impressive! We have already visited the ringing stones...

I’m pretty sure this is what the apocalypse sounds like

This is what the apocalypse sounds like! Listen to the horrifying sounds of Hurricane Ike! These noises of the apocalypse were recorded on the 11th floor of Galveston's San Luis...

External noise induces high seismicity and volcanic activity

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Volcanic activity can be induced by external noises! The noise is linked to the appearance of large-amplitude oscillations in the volcanic plug and high seismicity. It's really incredible to think that...

Strange sounds from the sky – or from earth?

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Hi, I just want to bring to your attention that many of the recorded "strange sounds from the sky" resemble rather much one other little known sound phenomenon, namely...

Unexplained alien sounds recorded at the edge of space 22 miles from Earth’s surface baffle scientists

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These new eerie 'alien sounds' have been recorded 22 MILES above Earth by NASA. This new sound recording from the edge of space has unexplained hisses and whistles that puzzle...

The Nepal earthquake was so strong that it disturbed the Earth’s ionosphere which started singing

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The ionosphere is very sensitive to solar storms. And it turns out it is also sensitive to extreme earthquakes. According to NASA, the magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal on April...

The terrifying sound of a tornado destroying a house

I cannot get over how terrifying that sound is! But wait! I can’t really tell what’s more disturbing: The sound of this tornado destroying the house, or the siren that...

The most powerful volcanic eruptions occur underwater and have different sounds

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Over 70% of volcanic activity on Earth is recorded in the deep oceans. The explosive power of underwater volcanoes is much larger than those at the surface of Planet Earth....

Apocalyptic storms with extreme winds and intense flooding engulf Sydney

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Three people are dead after high winds and extensive flooding hit Sydney and the Hunter Valley. More than 200,000 homes and businesses were left without power in NSW and emergency...

Strange creepy sounds of apocalypse recorded in Puerto Montt, Chile

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The creepy sounds of the apocalypse have returned this time in the city of in Puerto Montt, Southern Chile. Listen to these scary noises recorded on April 6, 2015. Terrifying...

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