Sunday, June 26, 2016

New mystery island forms in Pinto Lake, California after brutal storm

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There is a new 200-foot long mystery island in the middle of Pinto Lake, California since March 10, 2016. This mysterious piece of wetland broke off during extreme storms and then floated across...

Abu Dhabi Airport devastated by heavy storm

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The airport of Abu Dhabi was devastated by a heavy storm on March 9, 2016. Roofs collapsed, small planes scattered, and debris smashed into terminal doors as Abu Dhabi got hit...

Anomalous snow in Jalisco Mexico – First snow since 1997 in Guadalajara

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Anomalous snow has surprised residents of Jalisco, Mexico as it blanketed Guadalajara for the first time since 1997. The winter storm which is actually affecting most of Mexico is a...

This inverted waterfall freezes up the vegetation around despite any signs of winter in Spain

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Strong winds sweeping through Capafonts, Spain have created this amazing inverted waterfall on March 5, 2016. Due to the frigid temperatures in the region, the water instantly freezes, covering the...

Rare thundersnow storm hits Montreal

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A rare weather event known as thundersnow hit Montreal, Canada on February 29, 2016 during a heavy storm. Thundersnow events are very rare as less than 1 percent of all...

Insane thunderstorm sweeps through Oklahoma

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The State of Oklahoma is the earthquake capital around the world. After looking at these pictures you will want to make it the capital of the thunderstorms. Nice Vine from Tornado Titans: So...

Ski lift out of control in Switzerland during wind storm Susanna

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Gale-force winds swept through Switzerland on February 9, 2016 after storm Susanna engulfed northern Europe. In Arosa, skiing was just impossible. High winds forced closure of ski lifts at resorts in the Bernese Oberland...

Foam and wave apocalypse during storm Imogen in the UK

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Storm Imogen is paralysing the UK and creating a foam apocalypse along the coast. Here some impressive video of this powerful weather phenomenon. In this amateur video by Rosie you could almost...

Apocalyptical lightning storm engulfs Brisbane, Australia

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A very strong thunderstorm is currently hitting Brisbane, Australia. Dangerous lightnings illuminate the night sky almost every second. #brisbane #qldsummer #summerstorm #lightshow #mothernature #timelapse Ein von Andrew Deane (@andrew__deane) gepostetes Video am...

Anomalic freezing cold weather in tropical Laos

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After snow in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, now freezing cold weather and snow in tropical Laos. Temperatures dropped under zero and frost covered roads, rooftops and the forest. Unprecedent in...

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