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Fireballs And Loud Booms Reported From Around the World in January 2014 (VIDEOS)

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Did you hear a loud boom coming from the sky and feel a rumble under your feet? These strange experiences may be created by a meteor of fireball explosion....

Strange Sounds Around the World

Ever since Hurricane Sandy people have been describing a chorus of wailing sounds coming from the new 1 World Trade Center Building. What is most likely wind mixing with...

Weed Apocalypse: Tumbleweed Invasion In Clovis New Mexico – January 2014

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This is a weed apocalypse! Clovis, a New Mexico town is now buried by tumbleweeds. This eerie landscape of Clovis, a small New Mexico town, remembers us of western movies......

Fabulous Timelapses of Extreme Storms and Northern Lights

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Tired of northern lights and storm timelapses? Watch these videos and rediscover the beauty of Aurora Borelis and the eerie awesomeness of ferocious lightning storms! You probably have seen too...

What Are Zombie Bees? Zombie Bees Spread Across The USA And Are Now In The Northeast

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Parasites that turn victims into mindless, zombie-like slaves are fairly common in nature. There's one called Apocephalus borealis that seems to devote its entire existence to being terrifying... for bees! And now,...

Unexpected and Beautiful Pictures Of Snow Leopards in Northern Pakistan – January 2014

snow leopard, snow leopard photo, snow leopard photography, snow leopard pakistan, snow leopard photo 2014, research on snow leopard 2014, snow leopard january 2014, snow leopard photo january 2014, This endangered snow leopard was photographed in northern Pakistan. Photo: Richard Bischof and MuhammadAli Nawaz
These extremely rare photographs of an endangered big cat, the snow leopard, were caught in camera trap in northern Pakistan. Camera trap is sometimes a way to shoot unexpected wildlife...

Oarfish Are Not Only Stranding In The USA But Also In Asia! And They Eat It! – January 2014

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Oarfish also known as "earthquake fish" are not only beaching in the USA, but also in different of Asia as reported in the following article. And what they do...

Bulldozers? No! Huge Boulders Flatten 300-year-old House In Italy – January 21 2014 (VIDEO)

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Approximately 4,000 cubic metres of rock broke off a cliff face and then crashed through a barn and vineyards in Tramin, in Northern Italy, on January 21. When having a...

Terrifying Sinkhole Swallows Kids Just Outside Their School in Detroit – January 28 2014

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 “It was God, that’s all I can say. It was God.” A Detroit mother is thanking God that she happened to be at her daughter’s school the day the young...

Video of Tremendous Pyroclastic Flow During Mount Sinabung Eruption – January 2014

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This is a spectacular video of Mount Sinabung spitting lava. Or how terrifying nature can be! This amazing video of a pyroclastic flow that happened last week at Mount Sinabung, Sumatra was...

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