Deadly ice storm sweeps across Oklahoma and Kansas (pictures and videos)

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Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas are under a state of emergency after an apocalyptic ice storm swept through on November 30, 2015. At least five people have died in accidents in Kansas...

Terrifying green storm clouds engulf Brisbane, Australia in apocalyptical scenery

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Look at these terrifying green storm clouds engulfing Brisbane, Queensland on November 29, 2015. And I am pretty surprised that no tornadoes have been reported. Green clouds are often associated with...

Snow apocalypse in Midwest: Largest November snowfall in 120 years for Chicago

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Chicago's first snow of the season brings largest November snowfall in 120 years. The season's first snowfall dropped as much as 17 inches across Chicago's northern suburbs, and the total...

Storm Abigail: Foam apocalypse, giant waves and snow storm during Britain’s first named storm in pictures and video

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Storm warnings have been issued across northern England and every school in Scotland's Western Isles and Shetland has been closed after the storm hit the UK with winds of...

And now rivers of hail flow through the desert in Irak (video) – Complete weather chaos

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Have you ever heard of hailstorms in the desert? This ice flood footage shows rivers of hail running through the Iraqi desert just after a freak storm. Incredible. Look how baffled the man...

Terrifying shelf cloud engulfs Sydney in pictures and videos – Get prepared for apocalyptical storms

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This terrifying shelf cloud rolled over Bondi Beach in Sydney on November 6, 2015. After storms and tornados battered the neighboring state of Victoria, now rough weather has moved to...

Yemen flooded by Cyclone Chapala torrential rains in insane pictures and videos

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The first hurricane ever to hit Yemen in recorded history arrived early Tuesday morning when Tropical Cyclone Chapala hit the city of Mukallah. The storm has already dumped a decades'...

Ushuaia covered by snow in the middle of Spring – Second weather anomaly in 48 hours

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In Ushuaia it is Spring. But the southernmost city in the world and the southern part of Tierra del Fuego is hit since two days by strong winds, low temperatures...

Unprecedent hail storm and ice floods in Saudi Arabia caught on video

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Saudi Arabia is experiencing extreme weather since October 28, 2015. This video shows an unprecedent hail storm followed by never seen before ice flash floods. Pretty amazing for such a...

Violent surges and flash flooding hit Calabria and Sicily (pictures and videos)

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Extreme weather is currently hitting the region of Calabria and Sicily in Italy. Roads have been cut off, train tracks have been destroyed, and giant surges have engulfed the Ionian...

Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and floods rip through Texas in terrifying pictures and videos

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Severe thunderstorms erupted over parts of central Texas Friday. 3 confirmed tornadoes, tornado watch, flooding and warning for bad weather to continue through Saturday from the Southern Plains to the Gulf Coast...

Megalodon teeth found in abundance on North Carolina beaches after recent storms

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Many Megalodon teeth have washed on North Carolina beaches after recent coastal storms and higher than normal tides. These millions of years old fossils have been found in record amounts since the beginning...

Parking garage collapses partially in Dallas (photos and video)

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Parts of a 7-floor parking garage located on Turtle Creek blvd, Dallas, has collapsed like dominos on October 23, 2015. No injuries were reported although many cars just fell underground. The collapse...

Sahara floods: Torrential rains destroy 1200 homes and tents in a refugee camp in the Sahara desert

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Sahara floods? This is just insane... Torrential rains have destroyed tents, 1,200 homes and flooded the Sahrawi refugee camp in Tindouf, Algeria... right in the middle of the Sahara desert. Can...

Typhoon Mujigae brings violent tornadoes to the city of Foshan, China

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At least seven people have been killed after Typhoon Mujigae with winds in excess of 180km/h battered the coast of south China. The storm unleashed violent tornadoes to the city of...

Heaviest September snowstorm in 23 Years hits Fairbanks, Alaska

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Alaska's first snow of the season is their heaviest September snow in 23 years. With 6.7 inches in Fairbanks, this was the city's third heaviest calendar-day September snow on record,...

Terrifying storm clouds engulf and swallow Caxias do Sul, Brazil within seconds

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This is the terrifying moment a violent storm front engulfs town of Caxias do Sul on September 16, 2015. Look at the speed... The city got suddenly covered by this wall...

Gov. Rick Scott declares state of emergency in Florida as Tropical Storm Erika nears dangerously

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Scott’s emergency order says Erika “poses a severe threat to the entire state.” The storm could hit the peninsula Monday. Read the state of emergency declaration below:       Get prepared! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Apocalyptic Flooding in Dominica after tropical storm Erika engulfs Caribbean islands

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Meanwhile Tropical Storm Erika is slamming the Caribbean hard inducing important flooding in Dominica. And after nearly 9 inches of rainfall overnight, the Roseau River overflowed its banks in the...

China is deep in floodwaters: Road collapses and giant landslides in Shanxi Province

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Downpours caused widespread devastations around Taiyuan, the capital of north China’s Shanxi Province. The torrential rains triggered road collapses, insane landslides with floodwaters knee-deep in the city. Since beginning of August...

First major snow in 30 years for Hobart, Tasmania, Australia in pictures

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This is the first major snow event to hit Hobart, Tasmania since 1986. The significant snow blanketed the rooftops and streets and even some of the beaches around Hobart in...

Anomalous snowfall in the Idaho, Montana and Wyoming Northern Rockies

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More than an inch of snow was reported on Monday in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and in the mountains of western Montana and central Idaho near Salmon. The freak July cold front settled...

Extremely rare rainbow in the Namib desert captured during extreme thunderstorms

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A rainbow forming in the desert! Can you imagine that? Believe it or not, but Swiss photographer Stefan Forster captured an extremely rare rainbow in the Namib desert during extreme thunderstorms that...

Snow storm in July in Russia – Vorkuta hit by July blizzard

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Since about a week, heat is oppressing Europe. And I wouldn't mind getting some fresh air ... From Russia. Or maybe, this Russian town would gladly receive sun instead of a snow...

Another lake has just disappeared in Georgia after heavy rain

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Lake Feldwood in Georgia is now a huge field of mud! This after heavy rain broke a dam and the entire water just flowed away. The lake in College Park, Georgia,...

Apocalyptic pictures of two tornadoes touching the ground at the same time in Colorado

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Look at these apocalyptic pictures of two tornadoes making contact with the ground at the same time near Simla, Colorado. Nature at its most impressive and mysterious state. This is the amazing...

Tornado-like storm with winds of 150 kmh surprises residents of Villahermosa, Tabasco

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Heavy rains and tornado-like whirlwinds of more than 150 kmh engulfed the outskirts of Villahermosa on May 31 2015. More than 40 houses collapsed, dozens of trees and electricity poles...

Extreme storm surge ‘Mar de fondo’ sends giant waves along the Pacific coast from Mexico to Chile killing 3 and evacuating hundreds

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Heavy surge with giant waves hits the Pacific coast Saturday from Mexico to Chile. Results: Three dead, one missing and hundreds of evacuated... In Panama, a person was swept away by...

Massive Waves Cause Electric Explosion in Wells, Maine

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While the flooded road was already unsafe for driving, the exploding transformers made a bad situation even worse. Watch the dramatic moment giant waves cause transformer to spark. A police officer...

Apocalyptic storms with extreme winds and intense flooding engulf Sydney

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Three people are dead after high winds and extensive flooding hit Sydney and the Hunter Valley. More than 200,000 homes and businesses were left without power in NSW and emergency...

Extreme winds lift the entire roof of building into the sky (dash cam video)

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Watch the incredible moment the entire roof of a two-storey building is lifted into the sky with a single gust of extreme wind. Stormy winds have been raging over the...

Amazing timelapse video of thunderstorm off Darwin, Australia

Wow - There's somebody out there that really knows how to put on an awesome light show! Check out this timelapse of a thunderstorm off the coast of Darwin, Australia. Awesome! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Terrifying moment strong wind slams two window cleaners stuck on swinging platform into 91st floor window of Shanghai WFC tower

I would piss myself, vomit a little bit, and let out the highest pitch scream you could ever imagine coming out of a man. This is the terrifying moment strong...

Watch this freak snow storm swallowing a bridge in Siberia! Awesome!

Watch this huge, dark cloud of snow engulfing the city centre of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia in less than a minute. And suddenly the bridge disappeared in a freak snow storm! Awesome...

Heaviest rains in 80 years wreak havoc the Atacama desert, Chile the driest place on Earth

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The heaviest rains in 80 years are wreaking havoc the Atacama desert in Northern Chile, the driest place on Earth and Peru! At least six people dead, 19 missing and...

Giant icebergs are washing up on Cape Cod (photos and video)

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The 2015 brutal winter of snow and ice is washing up on the beaches of Cape Cod in the form of enormous, iceberg-like boulders. The giant, human-sized boulders of ice...

More than 88% of the Great Lakes are covered with ice

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How rough was the winter on the Great Lakes? It's the second straight tough winter for Great Lakes! The lakes altogether were 88.3% ice-covered as of Sunday. This is more...

Snow In Huntington Beach! Hail Blankets Beach In Orange County And The Weather Is Going Crazy

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What the heck is going on at Huntington Beach? Should we renamed it Hail City? Locals and tourists were shocked by crazy weather on Monday morning as hail, lightning and...

Watch This Terrifying Storm Rolling Into Sydney

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This storm engulfed Sydney on March 1, 2015. The timelapse video is awesome! More pictures here! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Hoodoos Pictures: These Small Frozen Sand Towers Rising From The Beach Are Out Of This World!

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While exploring the shores around St. Joseph, Michigan, photographer Joshua Nowicki stumbled onto a bizarre phenomenon. And these small sand towers rising out of the beach are out of this world! These...