Strange humming noises are being heard around the world but remain unexplained

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This post is a compilation of strange humming noises heard across the world. There are many theories about their possible origin which is and remains a mystery! The mystery noises are...

Unidentified strange noises cover up for beginning of March 2015

unidentified noises march 2015, unidentified mystery booms march 2015, enigma seekervideo
This video by Enigma Seeker sums up the latest mystery booms and loud noises heard from the sky! He thinks these are UFOs. I believe they are mostly geological! Anyhow,...

Strange Sounds In The Sky Over South Philly Baffle Residents (Videos)

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What are these mysterious sounds coming from the sky over South Philadelphia? Is this the Philly Hum? David C. lives in South Philly and has reported today on the Strange Sounds' blog that he's...

The Strange Sounds Phenomenon Chronological Compilation

This is a comprehensive chronological compilation of the strange sounds in the sky phenomenon! Hope you will learn something from it. The compilation was made by E. Mehringer from the videos...

Strange Unexplained Sound Baffles And Terrifies Residents of South Shields, UK

mystery noise, strange unexplained sound jarrow february 2015, mysterious noise uk 2015,
A loud noise heard over South Shields has caused mystery and worry among residents. The strange unexplained sound heard in Jarrow has been likened to a jet aeroplane flying over...

These Clouds Announce The Nearby Apocalypse In Turkey

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These amazing clouds have been photographed in the city of Tokat, Turkey! Well it seems that the apocalypse is pretty near over there! The sky of Tokat, Turkey had just decided to become...

Mystery Booms Won’t Stop! Increasing Unexplained Bangs Reported Across The World

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The unexplained bangs that have started increasing in the US at the beginning of 2015 won't stop! They are now reported daily on newspapers and on this blog. Here a...

Unexplained Loud Booms Are Escalating Across The USA in January 2015 And Nobody Knows Why!

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Loud booms are actually usual on New Year's Eve. However, I think that all the rockets and fireworks have already exploded two or three days after! So what are these...

Unexplained Loud Booms Heard Around the World Video Update 2014

A video update about some of the unexplained loud booms and mystery noises reported and recorded around the world in 2014. Enjoy! Want some more strange sounds and weird rumblings? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

The Creepy Strange Noises in the Sky Phenomenon from 2001 to 2013

Here a video reporting about the creepy strange noises in the sky phenomenon! Enjoy! Some are very odd! Listen to more strange sounds around the world on the weird noises Youtube...

The Best Strange Sounds Of 2014 – A video Compilation

This video of Mister Enigma was posted on the Strange Sounds Facebook page by Thony Du Six Quatre. It features the best strange sounds in the sky reported in 2014. A pretty good...

Are You Hearing The Hum?

A simple video about the hum. Learn more about the Taos hum! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

White Noise: A Sound Masking Solution for the Hum Noise?

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White noise is a random signal with a constant power spectral density. It is sometimes used to improve the mood and performance of workers by masking background office noise. So...

Weird Noise Plagues NW Atlanta Neighborhoods – November 2014

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Since about six weeks, there is a mysterious weird noise plaguing residents of NW Atlanta. People describe it as sounding like a tornado siren roughly. So What's the heck? The noise...

Sonic Boom Near Clearwater, Florida? But Where is the plane?

Pinellas Park Florida, city of Pinellas Park Florida, welcome to Pinellas Park Florida
Hi everybody, I just received this message from someone living at Pinellas Park, Florida and asking about what could be the cause of this loud, roaring and booming noise that...

Did You Also Hear Jet-Like Noises Around Lufkin, Texas?

Aspen Power plant, Aspen Power plant loud booms, texas loud booms, strange sounds in Texas,video
What were the jet-like noises heard around Lufkin, Texas on October 13, 2014? It wasn't a tornado, an explosion or a gas leak but maintenance work being done at the Aspen...

Humming Sounds: Earth Breathing Sounds

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What causes the humming sounds heard around the world? Could it be the sounds resulting from the Earth breathing in and out, murmuring gently to itself as it does so? This...

Humming Sounds And Loud Booms Reports: September 2014

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Humming Sounds And Loud Booms Reports for September 2014 and from all over the world! Thank you for your help! Flash and booms in Acworth/Kennesaw Georgia - September 28, 2014 There was...

The Taos Hum – What is the Elusive Hum in Taos New Mexico?

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The Taos Hum is an elusive low-frequency humming noise heard in Taos New Mexico! But its source remains a mystery! Attention is focussing on individuals in and around Taos, New...

The Kokomo Hum Scientific Investigation

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Complaints about the "Kokomo Hum" began in 1999, when a handful of local residents began to report a constant low-pitched rumbling noise. They say they developed a range of mysterious...

The Hum Goes On

hum, the hum, humming sound, the hum sound, strange sounds, atrange sounds of apocalypse, The Hum is described as a low, modulated drone that sounds like an idling diesel engine or a distant aircraft. Have you ever heard it?
Research continues and, for an unfortunate minority, the hum goes on. The Hum is described as a low, modulated drone that sounds like an idling diesel engine or a distant aircraft....

Frightening Strange Sounds In The Sky Over Queens, New York – August 2014

strange sounds, the hum, weird noise, strange sounds queens, strange sounds new york, strange sounds is a still unexplained worldwide phenomenon. The last records were caught in Queens, New York end of August 2014video
The Youtube uploader calls them UFO sounds, I call them strange sounds. But they may have the same source. The following videos uploaded by Youtuber Mister UFO feature a weird metallic...

Strange Noises From The Sky In Cambridge, Ontario July 22 2014

strange sounds, strange noises, weird noises, strange sounds in the sky, strange sounds from the sky, sky noises, sky trompets, sounds of apocalypse, the hum, humming noise and sounds, These strange noises from the sky were recorded in Campbridge, Ontario, Canada on July 22,
These strange noises from the sky were recorded by Gary Robert Tinnes in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada on July 22 2014. What do you think they are? Please note that other ambient...

Strange Sounds Over Vermont While Watching Supermoon!

What are these strange sounds recorded on August 10, 2014 in Vermont? The trumpet of the apocalypse? The strange sounds in the sky reported from 2011 on Youtube? You can hear...

Mystery Booms And Strange Sounds Around The World – August 2014

strange sounds and mystery booms august 2014, strange sounds, mysterious booms, mystery booms, loud noise, humming noise, weird noise, Reports of strange sounds and mysterious booms around the world - August 2014video
Here some reports of Mystery Booms And Strange Sounds Around The World - August 2014 from my blog comments. Strange Sounds in Los Angeles, California On 8/7/14 at 4am my husband &...

Ghostly Strange Sounds From Perseids Fireball 2014 – Terrifying

fireball sound, fireball strange sounds, sounds from fireball, meteor sound, meteor strange sounds, exploding meteor strange sounds, record of meteor sounds, sound of meteor fireball, This fireball strange sounds was recorded on August 7 2014 in New Mexicovideo
This is terrifying! Listen to the ghostly strange sounds from Perseids Fireball 2014. So far the Perseids 2014 are holding their own. Observers have reported dozens of Perseid fireballs cutting...

Humming noise: Mystery Toadfish Buzzing Sex Calls Annoy Pacific Grove Residents

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Residents of Pacific Grove are complaining about a mysterious, low-frequency humming noise coming from Monterey Bay at night and since the beginning of summer night. Could it be related to toadfish's...

The Hum: An Anomalous Sound Heard Around the World

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The Hum is a mysterious and untraceable sound that is heard in certain locations around the world by two to ten percent of the population. The scientific paper entitled 'The Hum:...

Loud Boom: Increasing Number Of Mystery Booms Around The World – July 2014

Mystery booms are increasingly felt across the world. Image, Strange Sounds and Mystery Booms Around The World (July 2014), Loud booms at Smithsonian Metro station - July 10 2014, Loud booms in Indiana - July 5 2014, Compilation of strange sounds and mysterious booms from around the world for July 2014, mystery boom, loud boom, strange sounds, strange sounds around the world, explosion, The Hum, humming noise, weird noise, high-pitched noise mystery booms numbers are increasing daily so get prepared!, Strange sounds and loud booms in Australia - July 2014, Possible cause for loud booms and the strange sounds in the sky, Can strange sounds come from space?, Strange humming sounds Redondo Beach in California - July 2014, Mystery boom in Dunham Township - June 26 2014, Loud mysterious booms in Murray Utah - July 2014, Mystery boom July 10 2014 (unknown location), mysterious boom, mystery boom, loud boom, weird booming noise, explosion, strange sounds, humming sound, strange sounds in the sky, strange sounds around the world, weird noise, humming noise, Mysterious booms report are increasing on this blog. But the reason why is still unknown!
Is it our earth which is about to shift? At least there are always more reports of mystery booms around the world. Here a loud booming noise compilation from July 5...

Strange Sounds: Are UFO Spaceships Source Of Loud Humming Sounds?

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Residents of Austin and Gainesville, Texas, reported two unidentified flying objects (UFOs) accompanied by humming sounds in the sky on July 2, 2014. Are humming noises around the world created...

Mysterious Bondi Hum: Unexplained Strange Sounds In Sydney, Australia

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What is the mysterious Bondi noise? Annoyed local residents are asking for an investigation into the source of the baffling "Bondi hum", a strange low-level background noise ressembling those made...

Mystery Hum: Plymouth Strange Sounds Baffle And Annoy Residents

plymouth uk strange sound, Mysterious strange sounds in the sky over Plymouth (UK) - July 2014, What is the source of the strange sounds in the sky over Plymouth (UK)?, strange sounds plymouth uk, strange sounds july 2014, new strange sounds july 2014, plymouth uk strange sounds july 2014, Strange sounds, strange sounds reports july 2014, strange sounds Plymouth, strange sound Plymouth 2014, strange sounds baffle residents and officials of Plymouth july 2014, what is the strange sounds in Plymouth july 2014, strange sounds 2014, weird noise 2014, the hum, humming noise, weird noise, strange sounds in the sky, high-pitched noise, strange sounds around the world, plymouth uk strange sounds, Strange sounds baffle and annoy residents of Plymouth (UK). Photo:
Plymouth residents are struggling to cope with ‘the hum’ – whatever it may be – and want to source its origins. People hearing it say they suffer and the high-pitched...

Loud Booms: Latest Blog Reports Of Loud Booming Noises – July 2014

boom, loud booms, mysterious booms
Here a compilation of the latest comments left on my blog reporting strange sounds and loud booming noises! In the last week of June and the first days of July 2014,...

Strange Sounds And Loud Booms Around The World: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Holland – June 16 to 18 2014

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Reports of strange sounds and loud booms heard across the world between June 15 and 18 2014. They were submitted as comments by followers! Thank you for your help! June...

Strange Sounds Phenomenon: Mysterious High-Pitched Noise Annoys Residents of Aylesbury, UK

Strange sounds annoy residents of Aylesbury in UK, strange sounds, strange sounds news, strange sounds june 2014, strange sounds uk, strange sounds ylesbury , humming noise ylesbury UK june 2014, the Hum, the hum reports june 2014, hum reports, new strange sounds uk ylesbury, high-pitched noise ylesbury uk, what is this strange noise in ylesbury, mysterious strange sounds in ylesbury, strange sounds in the sky, strange sounds around the world, Neighbours tormented by mystery screeching noise plaguing entire housing estate
A mysterious screeching sound irritates a group of neighbours for two years – but still no one can tell them what is causing it. Residents on the Stoke Grange estate...

The Conet Project – Unravelling Secret Shortwave Numbers Stations Records

strange sounds: creepiest Shortwave Numbers Stations, what are number stations, what are Shortwave Numbers Stations?, the Shortwave Numbers Stations conspiracy, conet project: Shortwave Numbers Stations, recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations, Shortwave Numbers Stations audio, creepy Shortwave Numbers Stations audio recording, strange sounds: Shortwave Numbers Stations audio, Numbers Stations, Numbers Stations compilation, Numbers Stations examples, creepiest Numbers Stations, Shortwave Numbers Stations, Strange Sounds Around The World: The Conet Project - Recordings Of Shortwave Numbers Stations. Photo: Conet Project
For more than 30 years, the Shortwave radio spectrum has been used by the worlds intelligence agencies to transmit secret messages. These messages are transmitted by hundreds of Numbers Stations. Shortwave...

Strange Sounds In The Sky: Fireball Meteors Emit Unique And Previously Undiscovered Low Frequency Radio Wave Signals

strange sounds of nature: radio emission from fireball, strange sounds of meteors: fireballs emit strange low-frequency radio burst, Fireball meteors emit unique radio wave signals, strange sounds of fireball meteors, radio burst from meteor and fireball, strange sounds from meteor, strange sounds from fireball, sounds of fireball meteors, what is the sound of a fireball, do fireball create sounds, is the sound of fireball audible?, what is the sound of fireball meteor?meteor radio burst sound, fireball radio burst sound, scientists discover the sound of fireball meteors, this is the sound of fireball meteor, low-frequency sound of fireball meteor, Meteor and fireballs create low-frequency radio bursts when they enter the atmosphere. Photo: Image Credit: Krasowit / Shutterstock, DETECTION OF RADIO EMISSION FROM FIREBALLSvideo
In a previous post, I tried to explain that some of the strange sounds around the world could be related to fireballs or/ and meteors exploding or just travelling...

Can you hear THE HUM? The low droning noise that scientists can’t explain

hum, Can you hear The Hum? How 1 in 50 across the world are affected by low droning noise which scientists can't explain, THE HUM, humming noise, strange sounds, strange humming sounds, origin of strange sounds, strange sounds mystery, what about the strange sounds around the world, what about all these strange sounds heard around the world, what is the cause of strange sounds around the world, mystery strange sounds phenomenon, the hum mystery, the mysterious hum reported around the world, strange humming noise in my house, strange hum around the world, mysterious hum around the world, Mysterious Taos HUM: The noise has even been heard in the town of Taos in New Mexico. They were unable to identify the cause. Photo: @ Alamy, Hum Heard Around World Impacts 2 Percent Of People In Hum-Prone Areas, who hears the hum, new hum research, what is the hum, what are strange sounds heard around the world, strange sounds news, news about strange soundsvideo
Can you hear The Hum? It has been heard in isolated places around the world. And those who hear it can experience headaches, nausea, dizziness, nosebleeds and sleep disturbances... But...

Strange sounds research: Windsor Hum is real but its source remains unknown

Windsor Hum, results of Windsor hum research, federal report of the Windsor hum research may 2014, may 2014 Windsor hum federal canadian report, Windsor Hum report, Windsor Hum canadian report, Windsor Hum source, Windsor Hum origin, Windsor Hum research, Federal government to fund Windsor hum research, Results and report of the Windsor Hum federal
Since early 2011, residents of the City of Windsor and nearby communities have reported an intermittent low frequency noise, which has been labeled as the Windsor Hum. A previous...

HAARP Shutdown In Alaska: Are Strange Sounds Finally Going To Stop?

HAARP weapon Alaska usavideo
On May 14, 2014, the US Air Force gave official notice that it would dismantle the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Gakona, Alaska. The project has been stopped...




Mystery booms and loud noise reports from 1934 to now. Find out the largest list of mysterious booms and rumblings around the world.

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