Mysterious Booms and Rumblings are Picking Up Again – November 26 2013 to December 2 2013


End of November 2013, residents in 11 states reported strange sounds and loud booms within a week period.

5 states on the same day most of which occurred in the morning. C’mon! How can you explain all these BOOMS AND RUMBLINGS occurring on a Tuesday morning?

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The mysterious booms are back again in the USA – November to December 2013. Photo: youtube video

A similar situation as we are now experiencing occurred in the period between November and December 2013. Loud booms started picking up again, AND IN THE SAME AREA AS IN 2015!

These Booms aren’t random. THEY ARE GEOLOGICAL! And the evidence is increasing by the day now it seems. Highlighted in black are quotes from within the source/link. And look at the video below!



Loud booms and shaking: 11/27 Azle, Texas

Azle residents are getting nervous and seismologists are trying to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Real loud boom, and then it just started shaking the ground under our mobile home,” she said. “Just rocking it. And our dogs, they go totally insane.

Loud booms and shaking: 11/27 Denton County, Texas

shook homes..loud and reverberating noise.. knocked items off of walls. was caused by test planes…  Yeah cause planes can cause shaking to the point of items falling off walls in peoples homes.

Loud booms and shaking: 11/28 Sanger, Texas

big boom.. windows and patio doors rattled. “I was just sitting here at my computer and my glass was just bouncing,” Alexander said. His wife, Kelli Alexander, called him to report that she felt the boom where she was staying in Lindsay. Officials say likely a sonic boom. *BUT* Residents were concerned there may have been an earthquake because of the many small quakes that have been reported nearby this week. FRACKQUAKES

Loud booms and shaking: 11/27 Madisonville, Texas

Loud Boom.. shook their houses. Calls came in from call across Madisonville and even toward North Zulch Officials are pretty sure it originated from individual target shooting tannerite.


Loud booms and shaking: 12/2 Marietta, Oklahoma

People here heard two loud booms. Then the picture frames started falling. People in Oklahoma are not used to earthquakes, or at least they didn’t use to be. This is tornado country. Earthquakes are for Californians. “It’s something unreal,” said Herschel “Bub” Peery, a county commissioner here. FRACKING!



Loud booms and shaking: 12/2 Stonington, Connecticut

Those “booms” in southeastern Connecticut on Friday were, in fact, earthquakes, scientists say. Police in several southeastern Connecticut towns were flooded with calls from people who heard “booms” and thought there had been an explosion. Some people said their houses shook. Stonington police said they had reports of at least four “booms” being heard, but the Weston Observatory only recorded two earthquakes on Friday.



Loud booms and shaking: 11/26 Weymouth, Massachusetts

At about 6 a.m., the fire department started getting calls about loud booms and the ground shaking official reason “faulty heating system” at a car wash” A police officer who was about 100 yards from the car wash said he felt the tremors. …But they did have a small (earthquake) north of Boston,” Crowley said. The observatory said the quake was so minor that it couldn’t have been felt.



Loud booms and shaking: 12/2 Wellsville, Pennsylvania.

There were booms and shaking calmed to might have been an earthquake reported here as well. GLP has a has copyright calm from source so quotes and links won’t be posted here. watch the video BELOW:

Washington state

Loud booms and shaking: 12/1 Port Angeles, Washington

Residents between Port Angeles and Sequim reported hearing low, sustained rumblings and in some instances loud booms from Tuesday to Thursday last week. “Everybody around here hears it. It rattles windows.


South Carolina

Loud booms and shaking: 11/26 James Island, South Carolina

hearing and feeling booms that rattle their windows and shake their walls. ‘Seneca Guns’ strike again?



Loud booms and shaking: 12/2 Tift County, Georgia

“booms” in the areas of Tifton, Sycamore, Enigma, Brookfield, and near the Tift-Turner-Worth County line. Sheriff says he believes caused by binary exploding firearm targets.



Loud booms and shaking: 11/27 Philadelphia, Mississippi

Police are puzzled by reports of booms heard throughout Philadelphia last week. “Our officers went out there but couldn’t find anything.”



Loud booms and shaking: 12/2 Jackson, Indiana

pretty darn loud BOOM… “rumbled houses for five seconds.” Firefighter, meanwhile, reported that it also activated car alarms.



Loud booms and shaking: 11/26 Verde Valley, Arizona

Last year, about this same time, residents in Verde Valley heard some mysterious, unexplained booms. Reports of similar booms are once again being called in to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office. “The way to describe it is like a hammer being slammed down next to the house,” said Chino Valley resident Chris Schaich. “It was two hard hits and the house jumped, if felt like a jump, and I could hear the windows rattle a little bit, some glasses rattled.”

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  1. Heard in Denison Tx Dec 5th. Several Loud booms approx 5 or 10 min apart! About 8 at night. Heard outside and inside house. Sounded like those large mortar fireworks that shake the ground. have heard before during the day and at night.

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